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Kenya Travel Tips & Useful Info

If you're planning a safari adventure to Kenya, there's a few things you'll want to know before you get there, like what type of plug you'll need, whether you need to get any vaccinations and when you need to tip. We're here to help with our Top Travel Tips that provide all the information you'll need for your holiday.

What's the food like in Kenya?

Kenya might not be a big name on the global culinary map but it certainly has its fair share of dishes worth trying. The main staple in the Kenyan diet is ugali, a grainy paste made from cornmeal that is eaten with stews and other sauce-based meals. Beans and corn also make regular appearances in Kenyan cooking. The most popular dish in the country is probably irio - green peas and potatoes that have been mashed together with corn added in for texture. Meat often features in Kenyan meals and is usually cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, chillies and vegetables. Goat and beef are the most popular choices but fish and chicken are also widely eaten, this particularly applies with nyama choma, which is chunks of roasted meat served with irio or rice.

What is good to shop for in Kenya?

The number one thing to buy in Kenya is a traditional African handicraft. You can quite often buy these straight from the creator, ensuring that they receive 100% of the profit for their work. Wooden African masks and soapstone sculptures are popular choices for travellers. Another cultural gift to take away is a Maasai shuka, a brightly coloured strip of fabric that can be used as a scarf, tablecloth or picnic blanket. If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe a bit, Kenya is renowned for its brightly coloured jewellery, guaranteed to make a statement back home. A kiondo, a handwoven tote bag, is also a great fashion accessory and can be found in markets throughout the country. If you're more into interior design then pick up a piece of batik art for your wall or some Kitengela glass to adorn your light fixtures.

Use of ATM machines in Kenya

ATM machines are available 24 hrs at all major banks in every city and county, and you can use your ATM debit card on Kenya's ATM machines to withdraw money from your bank at home. Depending on the bank and or machine you use, you may incur a small international transaction fee when you use your ATM debit/credit card.

What to wear in Kenya - dress code and etiquette

If you are going to Kenya for a vacation, holiday, safari or leisure, bring light-to-moderate casual wear such as cargo pants, jeans, cotton shirts and the like. The dress code in Kenyan culture is conservative. Also, many Kenyans adhere to different cultural, religious and customary dress styles. Jeans and decent tops/blouses for ladies are perfect. If you are going for business, you can keep it business-casual, however, business suits, tie and formal wear are preferred. Swimsuits are acceptable at the beach but not in public places. Evening Wear: Kenyans dress up for special occasions, especially when going out clubbing/dancing, to church, to sporting and other events or out to dinner. In some restaurants and clubs, you will probably be fine wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but if you are considering dining at one of the more up-scale restaurants or having a social night out, you may want to show off your nicer clothing and join the party! Etiquette: Kenyans are very humble, friendly and social people. Hand-shaking is a cultural greeting gesture and you are always welcome to strike a conversation with the person next to you. Just remember to respect Kenya's customs and culture in whatever you do and you will enjoy a pleasant relationship with its people.