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About Mombasa

Facts about Mombasa A Visitor Should Know

Literally, the Indian Ocean defines the beautiful scenery of Kenya's second largest city, Mombasa. Remarkable for its white sand, palm-lined beaches, history, and ancient architecture, this beautifully hot town welcomes tourists in huge numbers annually. Here are 10 incredible things about Mombasa that everyone loves to explore:

1. Nyali

Nyali is a lavish neighbourhood located north of the island, and connected to it by Nyali Bridge. This posh area has a range of opulent villas and resorts, shopping malls, restaurants and banks. Popular hotels in Nyali are Reef Hotel Mombasa, Prideinn Hotel Nyali and Nyali International Beach Hotel. Nyali Beach is the most interesting attraction in this area. It is an expansive stretch of unpolluted sand, fringed by mature palm trees.

2. Mombasa Old Town

The charming old town is Mombasa's core. Located on the southeast side of the Island, the Old Town testifies to the town's past glory; including the presence of the Portuguese, the Omani Arabs, and the British and their roles in the island's history, especially as evidenced in the architecture. This is where you'd see carved Swahili doors and Arab-style balcony railings sit next to what were once smart British government buildings. The narrow stone alleyways is a good hideaway from the sun when it is at its glory, and one can stroll around to explore the atmospheric alleys; snack at one of the many cafés; and shop for antiques, fragrant oils, spices, and souvenirs.

3. Fort Jesus

This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site defines 16th century fort architecture and its in-house museum redefines museum. Unarguably one of the most outstanding and well-preserved example of Portuguese fortification sites in Africa, Fort Jesus is most tourists' bucket list topper. It is built in the shape of a man and given the name 'Jesus', mainly as a religious reverence.

4. Haller Park

If you love animals, you can't afford to miss this spot. Originally, a limestone quarries side, the transformation effort that began here in 1971 has turned it around into one of Mombasa's most spectacular and interesting sites. This well-preserved wildlife and natural parks provide a perfect getaway from the city in a serene luxuriant environment with the opportunity to see over 160 species of birds, century-old tortoise and other interesting creatures.